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While Jennifer’s practice primarily focuses on the needs of seniors in our community, she counsels clients at various life stages through the following types of decisions:

1) Decisions regarding Health Care

  1. Do you have the basic documents to assist your family should you become incapacitated?
    1. Healthcare Powers of Attorney
    2. Medical Directive (Living Will)
    3. Do Not Resuscitate Orders
  2. Have you discussed your wishes with your family or given them a copy of these documents?

2) Decisions regarding Children

  1. Should you and your spouse pass away unexpectedly or become incapacitated, who will assume guardianship of any minor children?
    1. Guardianship provision in a Will
    2. Stand-Alone Declaration of Guardianship
  2. If you have older children (between the ages of 18-21), is there a plan in place should those children become incapacitated and need medical care?
    1. Healthcare Power of Attorney
    2. Durable Power of Attorney
    3. HIPAA Authorization

3) Decisions regarding your Care Plan

  1. Should you need care as you get older, what is your preference?
    1. In home
    2. Assisted living
    3. Nursing home
  2. How will you pay for care (should you and/or your spouse need it)?
    1. Personal income and/or assets
    2. Long Term Care insurance
    3. Texas Medicaid Programs
      1. Nursing home care
      2. STAR+PLUS
      3. Community First Choice
      4. Primary Home Care
      5. Day Activity Health Services
  3. Have you discussed your wishes for care with your family?
  4. Have you considered pre-paying your burial/funeral?
  5. Have you discussed your wishes with your family?

4) Decisions regarding your Transfer of Assets

  1. To whom would you like to bequeath your assets?
  2. Do you already have a will in place that needs to be reviewed or updated?
  3. What does your estate look like (i.e. real property, investments, life insurance policies)?
    1. What will be the cost (both time and expense) of probate?
    2. Can some assets be sheltered through a trust or other vehicle?
  4. If married, what plan is in place for your surviving spouse?
  5. What tax issues should be taken into consideration?
    1. Estate tax
    2. Gift tax
    3. Capital gains tax

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