Estate Planning


Going beyond drafting a will or trust, Jennifer believes estate planning should be comprehensive – protecting people as well as property. 

As a mother of two young sons, Jennifer is passionate about helping families plan for their children – who will take care of them in the event of a tragedy? How can the family’s assets be best utilized to protect the children and provide for them? Are all of the assets coordinated so that there is minimal difficulty at a time of tragedy? Jennifer walks families through their options, and customizes their plans to best address their particular goals and concerns. 

Additionally, Jennifer assists individuals and families at all stages by helping them select agents to act for them if they cannot make decisions for themselves. She helps clients develop their end-of-life wishes so that their loved ones do not have to make crucial decisions without guidance. Finally, Jennifer helps clients review their assets, heirs and other beneficiaries to determine the most efficient way to get the right things to the right people. 

Balmos Law, PLLC

Jennifer Balmos meets with clients in and around Bartonville, Texas by appointment only. 

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